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Auto Dealership Security Guard Services

Top Auto Dealership Security Guard Services in CA

Imagine leaving millions of dollars’ worth of merchandise outside, every day. Most businesses would never think of it. Yet, for auto dealerships, placing their merchandise outside, on display, is a fact of life. Protecting vehicles from theft and vandalism is serious business.


Most theft and vandalism takes place at night. Add an abundance of lighting (as much as city ordinances allow) to deter criminals from coming onto the property. Add motion detector lighting to any locations not covered adequately with continuous lighting.

Limit Entry/Exit Points.

Don’t make it easy for thieves to drive off with a stolen vehicle. Add landscaping and other barriers around the property. Block entry/exit points when the dealership is closed with gates.

Security Cameras.

Abundant, 24/7 monitored security cameras are a must—in the parking lot/garage, service area and inside showrooms.

Tracking Devices.

Consider adding tracking devices to vehicles so if they are stolen, police can quickly find them.

Security Personnel. Stories about car dealership vandalism and car theft regularly appear on the news. While security cameras can catch vandals and thieves in the act, cameras can do little to stop damage and car theft. Onsite auto dealership security guards can spot and thwart trespassers before damage can be done.

Sunrise Security provides auto dealers with onsite guards available during business hours and after hours.

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