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Cemetery Security Guard Services

Top Cemetery Security Guard Services Company in CA

Cemeteries are sacred ground.

Families bury their loved ones there and expect the site to be secure and safe. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Cemetery crimes range from stealing flowers and flags from grave sites to hateful graffiti, toppling headstones and desecration of remains.

Cemetery Security At Night.

Cemetery vandalism typically occurs at night. Security guard firms, such as Sunrise Security, assign experienced guards to patrol cemeteries on foot or in patrol cars, looking for trespassers. They monitor the cemetery perimeter, grounds and buildings.

Security During Funeral Services.

Security guards can be present during visitation hours, at ceremonies and at burial sites. Funerals are emotional times for families and friends. Guards can insure that visitors remain within the realm of proper behavior. If someone requires medical care, they can respond and assist until medical help arrives.

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