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Commercial Property Security Guard Services

Top Commercial Property Security Guard Services Company in CA

A commercial office building is a busy place. Tenant employees and guests come and go throughout the day. Packages are sent and received.

Security for office buildings vary by tenant type, building layout and budget. Work with a security guard company such as Sunrise Security to develop an overall security plan. Finding the right level of protection not only keeps current tenants safe, but in today’s environment, strong safety protocol is an important feature to offer would-be tenants.

Lobby guards should be more than “meet and greet” staffers. They must be licensed guards experience in building access control while demonstrating strong people skills.

Consider issuing scannable entry cards for tenant employees and a check-in system for all visitors and delivery personnel.

Install security cameras throughout the property with monitoring located at a centralized security post.

Your security guards must be trained to respond to natural disasters, fires, active shooters and other crises. Work in tandem with your security guard company to develop emergency response procedures. Conduct annual building-wide emergency drills and tenant safety education programs.

Sunrise Security provides security guards for commercial properties. Our guards are friendly and professional and know how to observe and check in all employees and visitors who enter a building. They monitor feeds from security cameras and are trained to respond to all types of emergencies.

The level of security provided is customized for each building’s needs. Additional guards can patrol the grounds and parking lots/structures to add another layer of security for employees and visitors.

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