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Convention Security Guard Services

Top Convention Security Guard Services Company in CA

Conventions and trade shows present unique security issues. The typically large size of convention venues, the loading and unloading of equipment and displays brought through freight entrances, multiple conference rooms, numerous public access points and the sheer volume of public attendance make securing convention and trade show sites challenging.

Convention venue security staff is generally responsible for securing the perimeter of the building, patrolling public areas, parking lots and structures, controlling traffic and monitoring security camera feeds. In many cases, an extra layer of security is appropriate in addition to what’s provided by the convention center. That’s where private security companies such as Sunrise Security can help.

Private Security Guards.

Private security guards are on hand during booth set-up and tear down and provide around the clock security to prevent property loss. They make sure booth valuables are stored out-of-sight and safe during off hours.

Other security services include monitoring public and freight entry points, “money rooms” and backstage accommodations for performers or speakers. Guards respond to theft, gatecrashers, medical emergencies, planned disturbances, natural disasters or acts of terrorism.

The convention security guard company you select must be part of the security planning for the conference. The guards are your front line for spotting suspicious or inappropriate activity. They will be expected to lead if an emergency occurs and patrons must leave the site.

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