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Gated Communities Security Guard Services

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Security Guards for Gated Communities

Better protection from criminal activity is often what prompts individuals to buy homes in gated communities. Statistics prove them right. According to a 2013 Department of Justice report, “In the 2004–11 period, residences located in gated or walled communities were burglarized at a lower rate (20.1 burglaries per 1,000 households) than residences not located in gated or walled communities (24.9 per 1,000 households).”

Keep Your Guard Up.

Robbers look for easy targets. If they have to pass through a guard gate or punch in a code to enter a community—it may not be worth the trouble. They’ll go to a non-gated community for easier access.

However, gated communities are perceived as having wealthier residents with more valuable items so for some robbers, the extra effort to gain entry is appealing. They also count on complacency. If residents know that access to their community is limited, they may be more likely to leave doors unlocked. They may also freely give gate codes to family, friends and even delivery companies. Access codes could accidentally fall into the wrong hands.

Easy Access.

We’ve all done it—followed closely behind a car as it enters through a security gate so we don’t have to hassle typing in a security code. Robbers do the same thing. They may also pose as contractors or service repair people and the gate guard falls for their story. Or, they may simply slip through the gate on foot when no one is looking. Bottom line: If thieves want to enter, they’ll find a way.

Crime Within.

Not every person in a gated community is a law-abiding citizen. Gated communities have their share of unruly teenagers, individuals with drug addictions and others looking to vandalize or take advantage of others.

Homeowners within the communities should consider installing their own security monitoring systems and make it a habit to be vigilant about locking doors and setting alarms whenever leaving their home.

Extra Precautions.

To truly offer its residents protection from bad guys, community associations should add layers of security beyond gated entrances. These include adding security cameras at entry points and in public areas. Introducing a security guard presence can be a powerful deterrent. Sunrise Security provides around-the-clock patrols in gated communities.

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