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Homeowners Association Security Guard Services

Top Homeowners Association Security Guard Services Company in CA

Homeowners Associations Security Guard Services

Homeowners associations have a duty to keep common areas safe for its residents and guests. Here are a few steps homeowners associations can follow to make sure they are doing everything they can to assure a safe community environment.

Create A Relationship With Police. Meet with a police representative to learn about the most common kinds of crime near the association property. Discuss criminal activity on the property itself. This gives the association an idea of the types of crime most likely to impact association members. Arrange to receive regular crime updates from the police.

Ask Association Members About Their Safety Concerns.

The association board may be unaware of safety issues affecting members. Send a survey to members and hold meetings where members have the opportunity to voice their concerns. Establish a protocol that members should follow if they see something suspicious (i.e., when to call the police, association security guard or association office).

Evaluate The Property With An Eye On Security.

Bring in a security expert to walk the property with association board members. The expert can point out whether more lighting is needed, where vegetation could act as a hiding spot for thieves, where security cameras should be mounted and whether a security gate or security patrol are warranted.

Conduct Thorough Background Checks.Don’t Allow Unannounced Maintenance Workers Inside.

All association contractors should pass background checks before allowed to work on the property. If using an outside security guard company, inquire about its screening methods. Sunrise Security, for example, only uses fully licensed guards who have passed federal background checks.

Establish A Neighborhood Watch Program.

One of the strongest deterrents to criminal activity is when neighbors watch out for neighbors. Enlist association member volunteers to help organize neighbor get-togethers. These regular meetings will enable neighbors to meet other neighbors and discuss safety issues that can then be brought to the board.

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