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Houses of Worship Security Guard Services

Top Houses of Worship Security Guard Services Company in CA

It’s happening with regularity. A church, synagogue or mosque is desecrated or vandalized with vulgar graffiti; sacred statues are destroyed. Even worse, members’ lives have been lost by deranged attackers. Religious institution leaders and their congregations are understandably feeling vulnerable.

According to 2017 FBI hate crime statistics, there were 1,564 reported hate crimes motivated by religious bias last year, an increase of 23 percent over the previous year. Here are security suggestions for those who are responsible for keeping worshipers and facilities secure.

– Post greeters at every door during services.

– Keep facility doors locked at night.

– Install surveillance cameras inside and outside the sanctuary.

– Add security alarms.

– Hire uniformed security guards to monitor activity before, during and after a service and at congregation events. Consider 24-hour guard service. Work with security guard companies such as Sunrise Security that are experienced in house of worship security.

– Have ready an emergency plan if a lock down or evacuation is necessary.

– Enlist a group of congregation volunteers who can be trained to watch for suspicious behavior and help carry out the emergency plan if needed.

Putting into practice these suggestions can help reassure attendees that all is being done to keep them safe.

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