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Manufacturing Facilities Security Guard Services

Top Manufacturing Facilities Security Guard Services Company in CA

Manufacturing operations come in all varieties including food, textiles, petroleum, fabricated metals and computer and electronics. When most of us think of manufacturers, we think of General Motors, Apple or Boeing, yet according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, three-quarters of manufacturers have fewer than 20 employees.

Whether large or small, maintaining a secure manufacturing process is critical not only to prevent theft, but to ensure product quality and reduce workplace accidents.

Security Plan.

Enlist the services of an expert who can review physical security needs, assess risks, evaluate current procedures and suggest the resources to implement a comprehensive, cohesive security plan tailored to address your specific needs.

Facility Security.

Keep intruders out with an integrated security plan that includes video surveillance, barriers (i.e., walls, landscaping) and a manufacturing plant security patrol. Sunrise Security uses the latest technology to track its security guards during their shifts to assure around the clock, complete coverage is maintained throughout the manufacturing facility including the perimeter of the plant. An important part of their job is to walk the floor looking to thwart theft, vandalism, trespassing and diffuse workplace disputes.

Video Surveillance.

Mount cameras throughout the exterior (parking areas, walkways, entrances and perimeters) and interior (manufacturing floor, loading and unloading docks, storage areas). Have security staff or management monitor activity in real time—either onsite or through remote surveillance.

Entrance Security.

Manufacturing plants usually have numerous entrances. Only a handful of trusted personnel should have access to the entire location. Entrances should require an employee-assigned key card, a security code or access by check-in with a security guard. Facility guards can also be responsible for accepting and inspecting delivered packages

Emergency Response.

With the help of a security expert, develop an emergency response plan—plan for the worst–a natural disaster, fire, workplace violence or medical trauma. Share the plan with your security staff and management so if disaster strikes, everyone will be ready. Conduct regular employee emergency drills so workers know how to respond.

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