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Private School Security Guard Services

Top Private School Security Guard Services Company in CA

Security is now part of the mix when parents are deciding which private school their child should attend. There have been over 380 gun instances on school grounds since 2013. Every new shooting raises the anxiety level. As private school administrators, finding the right mix of security procedures is critical

One way schools are enhancing security is by installing more rigorous access control systems, often with metal detectors, to keep intruders out. School gates must remain locked during school hours.

Private School Security.

Sunrise Security has extensive experience providing security for private schools—from K12 campuses to universities. We work with school staff to assess current security measures and offer suggestions. Our guards are part of a school’s overall security plan.

All of our guards are licensed and have passed employment, drug-screening and federal background checks. Our security officers patrol on foot or by car. They are often stationed at entry points, in parking lots, in hallways, eating areas and schoolyards. Guards monitor feeds from security cameras, checking to make sure nothing is out of the ordinary.

Most school administrators and faculty don’t embark on education careers expecting to be also required to stop intruders or physically restrain misbehaving students. That is where private school security services can help out. Our guards question and control unauthorized individuals on campus, diffuse disturbances, and when necessary, break up fights and detain troublemakers until parents or law enforcement arrive.

If a serious situation occurs, Sunrise Security guards are there to help lead students to safety and to confront security threats head-on. Parents can feel confident that trained security professionals are on campus safeguarding students and school personnel.

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