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Property Management Guard Services

Top Property Management Security Guard Services Company in CA

Property Management Security Guard Services

Each residential building is unique, whether a condominium, apartment building or town home. And each has its own set of property management security issues. What’s true for all is that residents expect to live in a safe and secure environment. The safety of a residential property rests on the shoulders of the property manager. Sunrise Security has experience providing security guard services for properties ranging from single buildings to multiple residential properties.

Security Assessment.

Sunrise helps by reviewing current property security measures and offering recommendations. We discuss how to best respond to property threats (i.e. break-ins, robberies, loitering, vandalism). We analyze what security measures are working and point out security weaknesses.

After your assessment, you may determine that it’s prudent to add additional security cameras, lighting, security guards or to take other measures—installing more secure fencing and doors, upgrading alarms, trimming back overgrown landscaping or investing in employee safety training.

Property management security is a line item that technically doesn’t generate revenue, but implementing a sound security plan goes a long way in helping ensuring a safer and more secure location.

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Property Management Guard Services

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