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Retirement Living Security Guard Services

Top Retirement Living Security Guard Services in CA

Security Guards for Retirement Living

Retirement communities are for those who want to enjoy their later years in comfort while knowing that if an emergency occurs, staff is ready to respond.

Whether the communities are made up of single-family homes, condos or apartments—management has an obligation to do what’s necessary to keep residents safe. Crime against seniors in these communities is relatively rare, but when they do occur, they can shake residents to the core.

Here are tips that management should follow.

Implement annual drug tests for all employees.

Limit the number of employees who have master residence keys.

If an apartment or condo complex, visitors should only be allowed to enter through a keypad entry system.

When the complex is gated, visitors must check-in with a security guard at the front entrance.

Contracted service companies (i.e., ground maintenance, food, housecleaning) should be bonded, licensed and be required to conduct employee background checks and drug screenings.

All public areas should be monitored with security cameras 24/7 by security guards.

Walls and fences around retirement communities can only do so much. Employee screenings and a visible security presence can make the difference—enabling retirees to live their lives in safety and security.

Sunrise Security provides retirement communities with residential security guards who patrol the grounds, ensuring the safety of residents, families, staff and guests.

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