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School Function Security Guard Services

Top School Function Security Guard Services Company in CA

Security for school functions—athletic events, school plays and other student performances—has been increasing. School administrators realize it’s prudent to beef up security at school events outside of school hours.

Athletic Events.

Violent incidents at school athletic events are relatively rare, but at the high school and college level, emotions and competitive spirit can run high. Those emotions (especially if fueled by alcohol or drugs) can quickly trigger rhonchus behavior. This is where an independent security guard company can keep matters under control.

Other School Functions.

While a band concert or school play may not generate the same raw emotions of an athletic event, security precautions should still be in place.

Security Planning.

Advance security planning is a must. School athletic events attract attendees from both competing schools. Adequate security staffing must be in place to ensure the tough play on the field or on the basketball court doesn’t spill into the crowd.

Part of the event preparation would include placing security guards near ticket booths, at entrances (where guards can check attendees’ bags and other personal items), in parking lots, near restrooms and concessions and, for sporting events, in the stands. From these locations, security guards can monitor crowds and spot misconduct. School function security guard companies, such as Sunrise Security, equip their guards with communication devices so they can quickly alert each other and school event staff of anything suspicious.

If an emergency occurs, event attendees typically turn to uniformed security guards for guidance. School administrators and the security guard company must work together on emergency exit planning and attendee safety procedures.

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