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Shopping Center & Mall Security Guard Services

Top Shopping Center & Mall Security Guard Services Company in CA

Shopping centers typically hire security guards to patrol common spaces—food courts, play areas, walkways, restrooms and parking lots/garages. The presence of uniformed guards is usually enough to cause most thieves to think twice before stealing. If a brazen robbery occurs, guards are trained to detain the robbers when possible and immediately call police.

Eyes and Ears.

Shopping center security guards are always looking and listening for suspicious activity. They have been trained to notice groups or individuals who might be inclined to damage property or participate in unsafe behavior. They patrol parking areas for possible break-ins and escort patrons to their cars after dark. They diffuse arguments between patrons or patrons and store employees. They lead troublemakers out of the mall to maintain order and when necessary, contact the police if a situation escalates.

Security guards can’t be everywhere.

That’s why most shopping centers have a central location where guards can monitor images from surveillance cameras mounted throughout the center and quickly deploy guards when the need arises.

Property Protection.

Security guards are still on duty after center stores close. They patrol to ensure doors and other access points are locked and to question individuals on the property after hours for possible inappropriate activity.

Customer Relations.

Customers often seek out security guards with questions and concerns—from asking about center hours to voicing worry about a suspicious character near the kids’ play area. At Sunrise Security, we make good customer relations an important part of the job. Guards must be approachable, have the answers to center-related questions and, of course, be ready to respond quickly to customers with security issues.

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