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Solar Energy Security Guard Services

Top Solar Energy Security Guard Services Company in CA

Energy plants and solar installations play an important role in our country’s infrastructure by providing uninterrupted power to local communities. Because of this, security of these energy sources is critical.

Energy companies must address the possibility of cyber attacks to their operations as well as attempted onsite incidents. For onsite safety and security, energy companies turn to security firms experienced in plant protection.

24-Hour Security Camera Monitoring.

Around the clock surveillance cameras at entry points, along the perimeter and at interior locations can spot individuals intending to disrupt operations. Security companies monitor these feeds either onsite or remotely and contact authorities if there is a breech.

Onsite Security Guards.

Cameras can’t capture everything. Solar installation and energy plant security guard services are typically on duty 24/7. Advanced technology used by some security firms, including Sunrise Security, require security patrol officers to check in at locations throughout the plant at set times. Their movements are monitored by offsite personnel.

Access Control.

Guards are typically stationed at all entry points where visitor credentials can be checked and vehicles inspected.

Evacuation Plans.

Guards must be part of all employee evacuation drills so they know their roles when any emergency occurs including fires, gas leaks, other hazardous emissions or violent incidents. Take advantage of their expertise. Licensed security guards are trained in terrorist scenarios and know how to respond if an attack is attempted.

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