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Tournament Security Guard Services

Top Tournament Security Guard Services Company in CA

Sports and gaming tournaments can attract huge, loyal crowds. Unfortunately, they can also attract thieves, troublemakers and those with sinister intentions. Tournament security guard firms such as Sunrise Security can play a big role to ensure your event is a success.

Strict Entrance Enforcement.

All tournament entrances should be secured before, during and after the event. Patrons should be required to go through metal detectors and have all bags checked. Attendees should be limited in what they are allowed to bring to the tournament. Items not allowed should include over sized bags, wrapped packages, large metal or glass containers and of course knives and firearms.

Visible Security Presence.

Tournament security guards should be stationed at entrances, along the perimeter of the event and among the crowd. Consider using plain-clothes officers as well.

Offer A Security Alert Number.

The saying “If you see something, say something” applies to tournament security. Those entering the tournament should be given a code of conduct and a security alert telephone number. If someone is acting inappropriately, patrons can call the number to report the problem.

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