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Top Trucking Security Guard Services Company in CA

An estimated $145 million in cargo was stolen in 2017 in the U.S. and Canada, with the average loss per theft costing more than $196,000 (CargoNet). California led the way in number of thefts. Top on the list of stolen goods were consumable goods such as food and beverage items followed by major appliances and tools. While theft typically occurs while truckers are on the road, trucking companies can institute measures to secure cargo.

Conduct background checks on all employees and independent truck drivers. Many thefts occur as “inside jobs.” Background checks are a way of knowing who you’re hiring.

Establish security protocols for drivers. Conduct security training (i.e., always lock cab doors, roll up windows, park in well-lit locations frequented by other truckers, park so that rear cargo doors are hard to access, never leave the truck unattended or at least never out of sight)

Install high-tech locks and security seals. Sensors can indicate when cargo doors are opened or closed

Have security guards patrol freight docks and check-in counters.

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