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Warehouse Security Guard Services

Top Warehouse Security Guard Services Company in CA

Warehouses are prime target for thieves. Maintaining a secure warehouse is one of the most important elements of running a successful commercial business. Follow these suggestions to help reduce theft.

Alarm System/Surveillance Cameras/Motion Detectors.

All three measures can enhance warehouse security. Make sure appropriate lighting surrounds the warehouse so cameras are effective in identifying would-be intruders. Equipment should be monitored by security staff 24/7.

Barcode Scanners for Inventory Management.

Items going in and out of a warehouse should be checked and monitored through a bar coding system. An automated system is an efficient way to monitor what’s being shipped, what’s on the shelves and what could be missing.

Secure the Perimeter.

Ideally, the entire perimeter should be fenced or walled. Enlist the services of a warehouse security guard company, such as Sunrise Security. Our guards are often deployed to monitor the warehouse perimeter and parking area. We regularly staff all entry points including gated entries.

Screen Potential Employees.

Conduct background checks on all potential employees. Screen current employees regularly. Employee theft is common in warehouses–workers know the warehouse layout, systems, schedules and security weak points.

Safety Precautions.

Work with security specialists to create an emergency plan—in case of fire, gas leaks, natural disasters or active shooters. Conduct regular drills so management, security guards and workers know their roles.

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