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Wedding Security Guard Services

Top Wedding Security Guard Services Company in CA

Security usually isn’t on the top of a bride’s to-do list, but the issue should not be ignored. While most weddings don’t take on the grandeur (and logistics) of a royal wedding where security is imperative, disruptions and emergencies can occur.

Wedding Crashers

In some cases, not everyone who shows up at a reception is invited. They can slip into the event for any number of reasons—to listen to the band, eat, dance or just see if they can get away with it. Wedding security guards are trained to discreetly handle the crashers and escort them from the premises. The guards do the dirty work so you don’t have to.

Wedding Gift Protection.

While the bride and groom and their guests are enjoying themselves at the reception, wedding presents and cards often go unattended. That’s where thieves see a golden opportunity. A wedding security guard can keep an eye on the presents so would-be thieves stay away.

Problem Guests.

Not all wedding guests behave themselves—especially when alcohol is part of the mix. If you know an attending relative or friend known to over indulge, make that individual known to the wedding security guard company. The company’s guard can monitor the individual(s) and take action if necessary. Guards can also step in if disagreements among guests seem to be escalating. Guards can be peacekeepers and if that fails, can escort problem guests from the premises.


Weddings are fun events but sometimes an emergency can arise—a guest can experience a medical episode; there could be a fire, earthquake or other scenario that requires the guests to quickly vacate the venue. Licensed security guards, such as those with Sunrise Security, are CPR trained and have taken to appropriate courses to assist in natural disasters and other serious incidents.

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